Minivan for a large family – which one to choose?

Hyundai H — 1

The Koreans who make a return to the Russian market after updating the minivan make a serious bet. Of course, he will never be promoted to Kreta’s laurels with Solaris, but private traders and taxi drivers with other car fleets also love the car

Immediately spoiler – with the Hyundai H-1, we will be able to save significantly. Therefore, if the budget backs up, and the task is to take at least something, if only to seat all the members of a large and friendly family in places, then you can stop reading. For equipped with all that is offered (and the list here is much more modest than that of competitors), the car will be asked for from 2,389,000 rubles. And that’s why. The appearance of the H-1, although freshened noticeably, still gives mothballs. But the interior, alas, can not even make such a compliment. Got “HRH-first” in the era of dinosaurs, he seems to be not going to retire. Well, God bless him, our task is to set a worthy counterpart for the “Frenchman.” So what’s on the stuffing?

Shybko on the technical side does not clear up: a 2.5-liter CRDi (we have to come to terms with its unfriendly taxing 170 hp – something else is not given) transfers traction to the rear wheels by means of a 5-speed automatic. More recently, five programs seemed to be a breakthrough, but today it is, excuse me, moveton, which at best can be described as “time-tested”. We go further. The basic white color of the body cannot be left so (although all my recent cars, for example, were white and in general this color scheme is becoming more and more popular – isn’t it because of its cheapness?). Therefore, you will have to pay 25 thousand rubles for a matte paint or metallic. Tolerant. Especially until we saw the appetites of the “Germans.”

Volkswagen Multivan

Detached and standing alone in the line of Transporters Multivan was specifically designed to transport people. Moreover, unlike the more universal Caravella, he was always an upstart with a complaint. Other finishing materials, richer functionality – everything in it shouted “hey, wipe your shoes before boarding!”.

Materials on the topic

Driving Vacation – Volkswagen Multivan Minivan to Finland
What unambiguously bribes the “German” is the wealth of configuration. There are seven (!) Engines to choose from: two petrol engines of 149 and 204 hp. and five diesel – 102, 140, 150, 180 and 204 hp Head spin! Depending on the selected unit, the thrust from it will come through 5 or 6-speed mechanics, as well as a 7-speed DSG robot to the front or both axles at once.

But for the purity of the experiment, let us choose an option with front-wheel drive and 150-horsepower TDI with a 7DSG box that matches our ward. Already at the entrance you get a considerable price tag of 3,972,600 rubles. Wow! It is good if the body remains basic white or red. If you want something else, you will have to pay 61 thousand, and play around with a two-tone color (for the current generation of Multivan, this is also available) – 168 thousand at all! Peugeot in this sense is more modest … We will not change the standard 17-inch wheels – in Traveler they are the same size, and the design is a matter of taste.

In the cabin, even for the money – longing. The decoration, unlike the “Frenchman,” is fabric, and the skin will have to climb into the wallet again – at least 142 thousand additional payments. The rear view camera will also have to be bought: the opponent has something! So, we count another 25 thousand. For the same reason, we had to part with another 72 thousand rubles for the left sliding door and the electric drive of both. And another 13 thousand to support CarPlay and Android Auto. Total 4 276 400 rub. Hmm, it seems the difference could have been done with another traveling compact crossover for every day … And the usual loan will not help here – you will have to arrange a mortgage.

Mercedes — Benz V — class

And what will be answered in Stuttgart (more precisely, in the Spanish Vitoria, where the heir to the Viano is collected)? With an extra-long wheelbase (3430 mm), its length will be 5.37 m – the most for comparison, because in this situation the minivan even slightly exceeds the “Frenchman” (see the table below). Like the “countryman” Multivan, we have a good choice for the engines (one petrol and three diesel engines), as well as the transfer of traction both to the rear and all-wheel drive (surcharge for four-wheel drive – 420 thousand rubles). For the confrontation, however, choose the simplest 136-horsepower diesel engine (V200). Why not V220 (163 lc.c.)? Because at the start, we fall out of the budget – a relatively well-equipped version of Avantgarde (the standard is completely naked) will cost 3,868,659 rubles.

But as with Multivan, again, no need to rush to exhale. Because, although the seven-seater salon is already trimmed with leather (and there are several options to choose from), and the body is planted on 17-inch alloy wheels, many functions of the reference Peugeot will have to be collected for cash.

Drove? We will leave the base color without embellishment, just choose one of the five color schemes (here Merce is the champion!), Because you will be asked for metallic materials 85,157 rubles. For starters, it would be nice to have a box of automatic for 161,193 rubles. – The basic price tags of all kits for the Germans are always indicated for versions on mechanics. Having received 7G — Tronic Plus with a company Mercedes steering column selector lever, we begin to deal with getting into the salon. It turns out that the spectacular electric door sliders are an option costing 113,835 rubles, and the rear door electric drive too (45,461 rubles). Once in the salon, do not stop counting the bills, because the heated front seats (29 042 rubles), an additional climate control system in the rear part of the cabin (55 604 rubles), rear parking camera (40 863 rubles) and even tinted rear windows (29,480 rubles. – Something tells me that you are selling it cheaper on your own) – all this will require investments. And if you want to navigate the Garmin Map Pilot, you will also have to fork out on the radio with a CD-drive (80,633 rubles in total).

The list of options for the V — class is very long, but we will restrain the appetites. Because, firstly, not all of them are offered for vis-a-vis “Frenchman”, and, secondly, we have already spent pretty much: I had 4,461,113 rubles running on my calculator. – it is absolutely impossible to continue to negotiate with the toad.

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